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Imagine there's no COVID-19

Originally Published in the South Jetty Newspaper
Don't be misled by the title. I'm well aware of our reality. I'm following social distance guidelines, and taking the pandemic for what it is. I'm praying for those who are sick, for the families who have lost loved ones, for those on the front lines of caring for the sick, and for essential workers. You too, neighbors, are in my prayers. Thanks to some faithful volunteers, in daily prayers are offered from our sanctuary.

No, I'm not denying our reality, rather, in the midst of a world changed by a virus, what I have in mind is to imagine a future beyond the pandemic. Someday, when we do have a vaccine, and having slowed the spread with our disciplined social distancing, when we may once again go about our lives: What shall our life be like? What will we have learned? What insights will we carry forward from this great disruption? 
I value the spiritual teaching regarding being present in the moment. I practice that…

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